The Art Jury

Some communities require an art jury approval before roof work commences. Home owners must follow restrictions on material, color and application. While these limitations may protect property values, they also limit the use of artistic roofing applications. Nevertheless, we can help steer your special project through the art jury process.

Art juries may specify dark colored tile because they feel light colored tile distracts attention away from the house. However, they will sometimes permit a blended application of 30% light and 70% dark tile.

Roofers like to break up horizontal lines by staggering consecutive tiles alternately higher and lower. Art juries may limit the amount of stagger, possibly to 3/4 inch.

The Approval Process

1. Choose the color and style of the roof you want.

2. Submit your plan to the art jury.

3. If necessary, install a sample section of the proposed roof for the jurors to view. After seeing the roof in person, jurors are more likely to grant approval.

4. Upon approval, construction begins.

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