Clay Tile Roof You Can Walk On : Palos Verdes

Clay Tile Roof You Can Walk On Roof in Palos Verdes

Roofers walk on a finished clay tile roof in Palos Verdes to replace a chipped tile. Unlike standard clay tile roofs, this roof can be walked upon because each tile lies securely on a bed of foam.

Roofers Standing on Clay Tile Roof in Palos Verdes

John Navarro, right, stands with his roofing crew atop clay tiles after completing the installation.

Spraying foam for clay tile on top of torch down roof

A roofer sprays a cake of foam. The quick-setting foam bonds the clay tile to the layer of torch down and provides a cushion of support whch allows the tile to support weight.

Laying clay tile on a bed of foam

Roofers carefully place tiles.

Flexible flashing above second flashing

A flexible second flashing will be installed between the layer of torch down and the clay tiles.

Painting eaves

Two fresh coats of paint protect the eaves.

John Navarro with Skylight

John Navarro poses with a new skylight and flexible flashing.

Last tile Photos by Brian Minami / Minami Pictures

A roofer finishes the job by replacing a tile found to have a chipped corner.

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