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Angie's List Testimonial

This is to thank you for fine service and to let you know that I filed an "Angie's List" report of our superior service. I also nominated you for the "dream award" or whatever they call it when they feature vendors in their monthly newsletter. I hope you make it; the recognition is well deserved. The main body of my statement is as follows:

Removed 2 layers of asphalt shingles, first layer 56 years old and second layer about 32 years old for a 1160 sq ft house. Removal and cleanup done in about 6 hours. Plastic was furnished and placed over contents of garage and all debris in the garage vacuumed up inside and picked up outside before leaving the first day.

Extensive termite damage and dry rot was discovered and 300 linear feet of shiplap eaves was replaced and painted to match prior paint job. 150 linear feet of sheathing boards were also replaced. 3 rafters were replaced. Additional cost for material and labor were about $2300.

An attic fan was found cracked and was replaced by a separate electrical contractor at separate cost. All wood work was completed and passed city inspection by the end of the second day. Again all debris was removed from garage and outside of the house prior to departure. This crew is meticulous about clean up.

Day 3 began and nearly finished roof installation. Again the superior clean up.

Day 4 put the finishing touches on the job in about 3 hours and an even more thorough clean up including a magnetic sweep of the driveway and lawn for nails and metal debris.

The new roof includes additional venting and upgraded edges and channels where sections of the roof join.

Overall the roof is better than it was new in 1953.

This is a very communicative and professional group that have obviously worked together for considerable time. They are very coordinated and work well together. Minimum discussion time on the job, and very courteous to the customer. They do not waste time and work hard continuously.

I hope that you can use this reference effectively to weather the current economic storm.

Roger Lewis

Redondo Beach Roofing Testimonial

The following letter was received from Rosanna Martinez after job completion:

This notice was originally published in the Palos Verdes Peninsula News.

We received this thank you note after completing emergency repairs at a home in Lomita.

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