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Solar Panels

Navarro Roofing is a dedicated Alliance Partner with Real Goods Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ: RSOL), one of the nation's pioneering solar energy companies, serving commercial and residential customers. Real Goods Solar has installed more than 14,500 solar power systems representing over 100 megawatts of 100% clean renewable energy.

The partnership between Navarro Roofing and Real Goods Solar combines our extensive roofing expertise with the renowned solar system craftsmanship offered by Real Goods Solar.

Our experienced and innovative team will manage the process of adopting solar power and will make your project simple and rewarding.

Whether choosing solar power as an alternative energy source is to save money, support clean energy and environmental movements, invest in your home's equity, or simply to become energy independent, Navarro Roofing & Real Goods Solar make the switch to home solar power and its benefits easy and affordable.

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